Main character Model

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Main character Model

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:11 am

Main character models have been scrapped, a new process is being used for custom characters.
The custom characters will be using a python based program called "MakeHuman". The program is open source and licensed to be "copied, re-distribute, modified and used in a commercial environment". This means the entire open source program will be re-written into blueprint/c++ to optimise performance and re-usability. The makehuman blueprint/c++ version will be uploaded to the UE4 marketplace for free and will come with additional compatible clothing assets. Other clothing assets that are compatible will be uploaded but will require a purchase fee of $1 to $5 each depending on the asset size. Some assets may go on sale regularly (I'll be applying a 0.5% discount permanently to an item each time it gets purchased (this stacks and not multiplied) so after 200 purchases it will be Free)

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