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Skills List/Hierachy

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:47 am

The level cap for the games Skills have been moved to 200.
The xp for that is equivalent to 1 Billion XP! The XP cap has also been moved to a point where it is "almost" impossible to get to in a life time, (9,223,372,036,854,775,807^2 XP which is about 85,070,591,730,234,700,000,000,000,000 Billion XP ).
We don't expect you to reach the cap so it will always leave room for the high score leader board. This may leave the competitors room to actually have a chance to be #1. Also who ever does reach the xp cap of a skill will get an edible cookie.
Also note, you get 1% of all your friends xp in your skill as a bonus to encourage socializing. (this may be reduced later on to something smaller for those who have lots of high level friends, this will also be toggle able for people who do not want this feature).
Virtual levels are also viewable after level 200, Every level past 99 is 9,772,278 xp so the virtual level cap is massive.

Happy Gaming.

Mining (same)
Smithing (same)
Leatherwork (part of crafting)
Jewlery (part of crafting)
Base Magic (Was magic)
Conjuring (Was summoning, now requires 20 magic)
Soul Harvesting (was divination, now requires 20 magic)
Gem Charging (was rune crafting, now requires 20 magic)
Lumber (Wood cutting)
Pyro Maker (Fire making)
Magitech (was invention, now requires Magic 80 instead of Gem charging)
Religion (was prayer)
Dexterity (Was agility)
Stealth (was thieving)
Medicine (was herblore)
Farming (same)
Chef (was cooking)
Construction (same)
Dungeon Crawling (dungeoneering, but now you actually have to find the dungeon :O )
Tracking (was Hunter)
Monster Bane (was Slayer)
Fletching (same)
Fishing (same)
Offense (attack)
Defense (same)
Strength (same)
Health (same)
Range (same)
Rogue (requires range 80, attack 80 and dexterity 80)
Tamer (new)
Pneumatics (requires 80 smithing, new)
Boat making (requires 80 WC, new)
Welding (requires 80 smithing, new)
Clockwork (requires 80 smithing, 80 lumber)
Plumbing (require 80 smithing)
Wiring (require 80 smithing)
Carpeting (require 80 construction)
Priest (require 80 magic and religion)
Manufacturing (maybe)

Some of the new skills will just be sub-skill specializations, This will be showed later on.

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